We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services. From our humble beginnings as an independent sales company based in Canada, to garnering a reputation as the global leader in outsourced sales, Cydcor has come a long way. exceptional sales professionals and providing our clients with proven sales and marketing strategies that get results.

Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

Cydcor-ProductivityProductivity is an ability that can be continuously improved upon. Staying productive in the workplace can sometimes be a challenge, and effective productivity is the combination of smart planning and focused efforts. Here are Cydcor’s tips for increasing your work productivity.

Delegation: Learning to trust your colleagues in helping you complete work is an ability that some struggle with.…

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Traits of Successful Salespeople

Cydcor-Successful-SalesAn important trait to instill in yourself is this:

Don’t think in terms of sales but rather in terms of building a business.

Great salespeople are building a business, not just trying to make a sale. When you think beyond a sale, you’re going to get other people’s attention much more easily. They’re going to be interested in what you have to say. You want something that’s going to live and go…

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Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of Networking

Cydcor-Networking-EventNetworking events can be a bit overwhelming, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can feel like a waste of time. Follow these 5 tips in order to get the best return on investment at a networking event.

Be Prepared

Look over the list of attendees if possible. If a name strikes your eye, Cydcorrecommends checking out their LinkedIn profile, or other social media or website and find out a…

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Five Tips to Get You Motivated

Cydcor-MotivationMotivation, despite our best intentions, is never a constant state. Everyone wants to achieve something in their life, but sometimes one can struggle with the desire to stay committed or to make the changes they know they need. Knowing how to get your motivation back is key to achieving any goal. Here are five tips to help you whenever you feel stuck:

Inspiration. Find the source of your drive.…

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10 Laws of Success

cydcor success

cydcor successWhile Cydcor knows there isn’t one way to achieve goalsand become successful, there are certain truths about a successful career that remain. Especial for those choosing a career in sales, these ten laws will guide you through to generating a good income for your clients, your company, and yourself. These laws are based on classic clichés you are tired of hearing, but there is still value behind…

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How to Communicate Effectively with Potential Customers

cydcor communication

cydcor communicationCydcor is a leading outsourced sales company. We specialize in dealing with people and convincing them we have the right product or service for them. While Cydcor knows the best way to win customer loyaltyis to always do the right thing for the customer, new prospects are often suspicious of sales representatives. Beginning new customer relationships takes effective communication to help your…

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How to Lead a Successful Sales Meeting

cydcor sales meetings

cydcor sales meetingsIn a sales-driven environment like Cydcor, meetings are powerful tools. Bringing people together to share energy and announcements is a good team. Since our business focuses so much on building personal relationships, our team members benefit from face to face communication whenever time allows. Sales meetings are the best vehicles to unite and energize your team, and make sure that important…

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Cydcor Reviews Linchpin by Seth Godin


This week, the Cydcor team highlights another Seth Godin treasure, Linchpin.  For more Seth Godin wisdom, see our Cydcor review on Permission Marketing.

Description of this book: Linchpin was written by marketing expert Seth Godin, who believes that finding career success today depends on learning how to market one’s self.  Linchpins are an upcoming role in the world of tech, start-ups and the…

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Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

In this installment of Cydcor Reviews, Miriam Caballero reviews Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller.

Cydcor Reviews Attitude is Everything

Description of the book:  This is the story of a lawyer who after practicing law for a few years, he realized he was not happy at all. He realized there were many things that he disliked and decided to change his job. In the process of finding what this new job should be, he realized there was…

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10 Ways to Build Trust

As the leader in global outsources sales providers, Cydcor knows how to create winning relationships with clients.