We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services. From our humble beginnings as an independent sales company based in Canada, to garnering a reputation as the global leader in outsourced sales, Cydcor has come a long way. exceptional sales professionals and providing our clients with proven sales and marketing strategies that get results.

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Jack London once said of creativity, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Waiting around for a spark of motivation or creativity isn’t always an effective option when you have clients to attend to. Sometimes you need to go out and find the inspiration yourself.


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Top Tips for a Winning Sales Presentation


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We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services.

An effective sales presentation is more than show-and-tell. You need to be strategic about how you present and illustrate an understanding of your client’s needs and wants. You also need to analyze the possible competition that client might be speaking to. It’s vital you have a clear pitch to present that…

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The Secrets of Effective Motivation


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We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services. Check out our open job positions at the Cydcor CareerBuilder page.

A lack of motivation at work is a difficult problem for many. There are many elements that can contribute to it: perhaps you feel overwhelmed with many tasks or have personal and family stressors that make it challenging to come into work…

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Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

Cydcor-ProductivityProductivity is an ability that can be continuously improved upon. Staying productive in the workplace can sometimes be a challenge, and effective productivity is the combination of smart planning and focused efforts. Here are Cydcor’s tips for increasing your work productivity.

Delegation: Learning to trust your colleagues in helping you complete work is an ability that some struggle with.…

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